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Sage Payroll Course

An overview of the Sage Payroll Course

This structured training program covers all areas of Sage Payroll, this training course provides participants with the skills required to perform basic payroll functions such as calculating gross pay and statutory deductions. Core aspects of payroll, but also provides a foundational knowledge of specialised and irregular aspects of payroll like court orders, student loans, and processing starters and leavers. Essential skills in interacting with non-payroll internal and external bodies are also covered. At the end of the course candidates will be able to:

• Navigate confidently in Sage 50 Payroll

• Check the legislation settings in your software

• Configure your software to suit your company requirements

There are no prerequisites or entry requirements, as long as you want to get more experience in the field of Payroll, this is the right place for you.

Our Sage Payroll Course will consist of:

Sage Payroll •Setup and amend: • Employee Records • Payments and Deductions • Basic Pension Schemes •Users and Access Rights •Understand reports in the system that aid in the completion of tasks such as Pay Elements Reports and Company Detail reports

Training Course Content

This training course will include the following modules:

Key points will consist of:

• Topic 1: Payroll Administration

• Topic 2: Introduction / Employment Law

• Topic 3: Starters and Leavers

• Topic 4: Tax

• Topic 5: National Insurance Contribution

• Topic 5: Minimum Wage

• Topic 6: Holiday Leave

• Topic 7: SSP

• Topic 8: SMP

• Topic 9: Student Loan

• Topic 10: Child Care

• Topic 11: Automatic Enrollment

Our Sage Payroll Course will consist of:

•Run a basic weekly or monthly payroll • Email appropriate payslips to employees • Perform and submit RTI routines including: • Full Payment Submission (FPS) • National Insurance Number Verification (NVR) • Employer Payment Summary (EPS) • •Correct errors during processing using the Rollback and Restore functions •Set up new starters and process leavers •Complete Period End Routines including producing the P32 •Process electronic payments to employees and HMRC directly from Sage Payroll

Payroll Administrator, Payroll Manager, International Payroll Manager

This test includes drag and drop scenarios, multiple choice questions and simulations on using Sage 50 Payroll. Course Completion Certificate awarded by WCBT

Further discounts for upfront payment. Installments also available.