Why Choose WCBT in London

Winway College of Business and Technology(WCBT) is dedicated to upholding the core values on which it was founded, developing the academic capabilities of its students while promoting excellence, diversity and a sense of community. As such, studying at the UKCBC provides an environment that encourages learning that’s tailored to you.

Our Core Values

Training and Development of Job-Orientated Skills

We care about the development, success and well-being of our students and believe that a better future means a better quality education for all.

Promoting initiative and Critical Thinking

Our commitment to you stems from these fundamental values, determining the work we undertake to support you through your academic studies.

Affordable Training for All Students

We support our students with the help they need to succeed in their professional pursuits.

Flexible Learning Environment

We ensure a high quality of success through exceptional standards of teaching and engaging learning methodologies.

High Quality Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses

We promote and encourage diversity in our college and are proud to embrace students from all ethnic backgrounds.