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Our online college admission form is easy for your applicants to use, and it helps you keep their information organized and accessible for easy review. The application collects basic personal information about each applicant, as well as education, extracurricular achievements and planned major studies. Applicants can also attach resumes or college essays - and even provide payment and an electronic signature. Make the admissions process easier for everyone with our comprehensive online college application form!

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      I believe that the information in this form is correct and complete

      If I start a course with Winway College of Business and Technology, I will follow all their rules, policies and procedures and agree to attend to course to which I am funded. If for any reason that I am unable to attend or complete the course I will notify WCBT as soon as possible.

      I agree that Winway College of Business and Technology can show the data on this form to companies that may need to see it for your course and progress on the course for example: Education and Skills Funding Agency, Learner Record Service, Awarding Body and the Student Loan Company

      All data will be stored in Line with the Data Protection Act.

      Winway College of Business and Technology may contact you from time to time to promote new courses or offers, and may use your personal details in publishing testimonials and advertisements.